Oliver Miles of Oliver Miles Estate Agents considers what it takes to be a winner in the Property Games.
The property market has some interesting parallels with the Olympic Games. Glorious success with a place on the podium is the aim, however disappointment when things go unexpectedly wrong could equally and unfortunately be the result. Preparation and training are everything and as with Olympians, the more event-ready home sellers are, the fewer things will go awry. Sometimes matters are out of our hands so, like Olympic competitors, it is prudent to concentrate fully on the things that can be controlled.

Your property (your equipment) should be in tiptop condition with no unwelcome surprises for buyers and should be presented and priced to sell. Buyers’ arrangement for funds (their equipment) should be in place. 

Your Support Team
Any Olympic champion will tell you that the support of a great coach is essential for success. We at Oliver Miles are your coach working alongside you, your physio to keep your sale moving. We are part of the team that keeps you at your competitive best.

Mental Strength
Sellers (and buyers) need to know the rules of the ‘game’ and prepare themselves for some unexpected turns of events. Frustration may arise, but patience and an even temper wins in the long run. We are the sports’ psychologists in property sales and understand the unexpected bumps in the road which may occur and can help you through the difficult times.

Understanding the prevailing conditions
Just as Olympic sailors are brilliant at reading the weather your Estate Agent can advise as to prevailing market conditions and you can trust our recommendations. Sellers should ensure they are in the best condition to succeed as we move into the Autumn particularly during this post pandemic era.  

As any Olympic medallist will tell you, training and the knowledge and support of a great entourage are the elements which will help you achieve your goal.  Call the Oliver Miles team on 01929 426655 to win your gold!