Advice on preparing your property for the market this Season  

Brexit, the general election, cold weather and Christmas. Few of these are going to put off the determined house buyer or seller. After all, what have these events got to do with most people’s wish or need to move? Plenty of moving decisions will be made this December.
So, how do you present your home to buyers during the last month of the year. In the USA, staging homes for sale is big business. In the UK, however, we tend not to replace kitchens and bathrooms or employ decorators just to make our homes more saleable, or even more valuable, although perhaps we should!
As any good estate agent will tell you, making your home fit for buyers does mean keeping your home, inside and out clean, neat, tidy and uncluttered. Imagine festoons of paper chains, sprigs of holly, tinsel and tat, balls of mistletoe, and the house lit up with flashing coloured lights like the Blackpool illuminations!
I’m not saying humbug to Christmas, and not everyone celebrates, but if you do, tasteful decoration is the name of the game. A real fire with logs crackling in the hearth and presents around the tree are lovely touches but a warm and appealing atmosphere is equally as important. This is the season for gatherings with relatives or family time at home, and the right property will portray this cosy, happy picture to a buyer.


May this be the season of Goodwill to all (and beautiful, welcoming homes).


Oliver F Miles