Oliver Miles of Oliver Miles Estate Agents considers how you can achieve your aim.

Even experienced estate agents say that there has rarely been a property market like this with reports of property prices rising at pre-banking crisis levels and the lowest numbers of properties for sale in decades.

Moving home might not be complicated for buyers who don’t need a mortgage and have no upward chain, or for sellers with no downward chain, but for others with a chain of dependent sales or where the top of the chain cannot find a suitable property to buy, moving may not be without obstacles. However, despite the lack of stock and the protracted length of some transactions, people do complete their sale and/or purchase. It is down to the determination of buyers and sellers coupled with the skill of their estate agent.
If buyers and sellers were to sit or work in an estate agent’s office for a week, they would begin to understand that the tricky bit isn’t so much finding a buyer but getting a chain of deals, sometimes with four or five links, across the finish line. Finding a willing buyer is one thing, finding an able one is a very different matter. Everyone gets to see the sold board go up but few get to see the effort that went into getting it there!
In this challenging market when choosing your estate agent don’t just go for the one who says they can get you a buyer – all agents say that. Choose the agent instead who can get you through to completion. The number to call is 01929 426655.