Oliver Miles of Oliver Miles Estate Agents looks at changing requirements in property (but urges buyers to get back to basics and simplify things).
Once upon a time, estate agents noted down a short and straightforward list of buyers’ requirements, such as the ideal number of bedrooms, central heating, large garden, garage and proximity of a good school, but times have changed. Requirements had already altered significantly in recent years, but, post-Covid, the list of demands has become longer and more complicated.

Let’s look at a typical current day wish list:

  1. Zoom-room for homeworking;
  2. Additional living space for young adult offspring or parents;
  3. Food storage, preparation and dining areas – cookery being the new pastime;
  4. A garden oasis – well, at least you can pretend to be on holiday;
  5. Heating, lighting, entertainment and security smart technology for one-touch living;
  6. Health and wellness areas for, what else, health and wellness and finally
  7. Pet-friendly living for the new pet gained during lockdown.

But all these new demands make finding an ideal home even more complicated. So to help you, here is our list of essential post-Covid house hunting questions:

  1. Does it tug at the heartstrings?
  2. Is it in the right location?
  3. Does it face the right way?
  4. Is it structurally sound?
  5. Is it big enough?
  6. Is it affordable - Are there the funds to put in the Zoom-room, inter generation facilities, gourmet kitchen, garden oasis, smart technology, health and wellness area and space for pets?

Answer yes to all of the above, and you’ve probably found yourself the ideal home – it’s that simple. And when you think about it, a good estate agent helps to show that something fiendishly complicated can be realistically possible.

From complication comes clarity.