To Brexit and Beyond

Oliver Miles of Oliver Miles Estate Agents considers the property market in 2019 and explains some home truths amongst many unknowns.

Prior to the boom year of 1973, houses and flats were seen as investments, less likely as commodities, and regarded as homes that would be paid for by the time retirement came providing security in later years and maybe the means to buy that little bungalow on the coast. In the four decades since that first UK boom attitudes and expectations have altered a great deal. Retirees are now as likely to want a modern, city centre, lock-and-leave apartment as a seaside bungalow.

The housing market has changed also to become big business. The post-war generation has profited greatly from the waves of boom and bust that followed that first housing bubble. It is hard to imagine subsequent generations gaining as much from the property market as their parents – who knows what will happen? What does the year 2019, with Brexit looming, hold in store for property sales and purchases?

It is apparent that large numbers of professional landlords are bailing out of the buy-to let sector - deterred less by Brexit than by increased taxation and legislation.  However, first time buyers can now benefit from motivated sellers, more choice, low interest rates and high employment.

If your goal is to move home in 2019 consider your choices wisely in these extraordinary and less than certain times. Your home is your biggest asset – don’t jeopardize your sale by putting it the hands of the unexperienced. Choose an agent which offers great service, experience and transparency. Over the past few years a number of high-spending online agents have been tempting sellers with extra low fees and up-front payment that promises big results for little cost. Plummeting shares and company failures in this sector is teaching us that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is - all that glistens is not gold!

Brexit may well be causing apprehension but the truth is that with the guidance and support of an established, professional and local estate agent you will achieve your aim.